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— Press Release —

KCHarvey Environmental, LLC (KC Harvey) is pleased to announce its acquisition and merger with Reclamation Research Group, LLC. KC Harvey is an environmental consulting services and field implementation company with expertise in soil, water, vegetation, wildlife, and land restoration. KC Harvey headquarters are in Bozeman, MT with field offices in Grand Junction CO, and Rawlins, Cody, Cheyenne, and Baggs, WY. The Reclamation Research Group (RRG) is a science and technology spin-off from Montana State University specializing in ecological restoration of degraded riparian and upland habitats disturbed by natural resource development. KC Harvey’s focus in recent years has been land reclamation associated with oil and gas, pipeline, and energy transmission projects, produced water management for natural gas producers, and environmental impact assessments for wind energy, oil and gas, and mine development projects. RRG’s projects include long-term water quality monitoring for coal mines, remedial design for Superfund mine impacted sites, management and reclamation of mining wastes, acid mine drainage mitigation, and restoration planning.

The merger of KC Harvey and RRG brings together two companies with decades of experience and innovation in land restoration related to natural resource development and multidisciplinary environmental consulting. The combined company will provide complete natural resource consulting,water resources engineering,regulatory compliance and permitting, and land restoration planning and implementation services for industry and government clients.

For More Information Contact: Kevin Harvey, CEO, kharvey@kcharvey.com, 406-585-7402
Website: http://www.kcharvey.com/

The Reclamation Research Group, LLC is an environmental service company emphasizing ecological restoration of degraded riparian and upland habitats. Western lands have been impacted by a variety of human-caused disturbances. Endemic plant, soil, water, and animal systems are disrupted by these impacts. The Reclamation Research Group’s mission is to conduct research, perform analyses and facilitate science-based decision making for land reclamation and land restoration concerns for governmental regulatory personnel, resource managers, land users, landowners, and other interested parties.

Reclamation Research Group personnel have a reputation for being environmental problem solvers that can quickly evaluate ecological dysfunction and recommend appropriate actions. This response is made possible because of extensive technical expertise, decades of experience, and the reliance on data to support decision making.

Services provided include: data collection, site investigations, monitoring, compliance determination, reclamation design, feasibility studies, field services, document preparation, research investigations, regulatory guidance, document review and technical assistance. These services are built on a scientific foundation of chemistry, plant ecology, soil science, hydrology, geology, reclamation science and further guided by a cumulative 100 years of professional experience of the founding members.

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